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Expectations of taxpayer compliance

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What are the various expectations of taxpayer compliance and how are they important?

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The expectations of taxpayer compliance are that the taxpayer will pay voluntarily and accurately in a timely manner. Taxpayer compliance is important to the government in understanding when the taxes will be received so that proper planning can be done.

When people file their taxes is related to whether they expect a tax refund. Those who expect a refund will file early. Those who expect to pay might not file until the last minute. They might even ask for an extension. As a result, the government expects to receive many returns as soon as taxpayers receive all the necessary forms. Most of these will require refunds. Understanding this allows the government to better make funds available for refunds. Then there is a lull in returns, followed by a high number of returns just before the due date. Most of the latter returns will be tax payments. Electronic ...

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The various expectations of taxpayer compliance and how they are important is given. The solution is answered in 511 words with four sources cited.

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