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    Equivalent Units and Operations

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    8. Equivalent Units

    In the first month's of operation, the manufacturing costs for Chen Company were as follows: <i> Please see attachment for table</i>

    During the month 10, 000 units were completed, and 4,000 units were in process at the end of the month. The 4,000 units in process were 100% completed as to materials and 80% completed as to direct labor and overhead. Complete the following: <i> Please see attachment for full question </i>

    9. Refer to the information above. What is the return of investment for Juno, Inc?
    a) 4% b) 5% c) 10% d)20%

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    the figures in your PDF file are a little unclear, I have to "guess" the numbers, but you can follow my steps.

    8. the equivalent units
    a) the equivalent unit of direct materials cost ...

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