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    Answer by looking at accounting information

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    How much money do I have tied up in accounts receivables? I can determine if more people are slow to pay, or haven't been paying, and then maybe tighten my credit restrictions to customers.

    How much do I owe in liabilities - how big are my notes payable to the bank/credit card companies?

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    You can see how much you have tied up in accounts receivable by looking at the balance sheet, near the top, likely after cash and marketable securities (short term investment), if any. This shows you what you believe you will collect and is reduced by an estimate for uncollectible accounts. AR is sum of all the unpaid invoices. The firm would have a listing of ...

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    Your response is 250 words and explains how to find AR and liabilities, what information may be found on the financial statements and the likely outcome of shortening the due dates on AR.