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    Cycle that is Not Automated

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    Select a step of the accounting that is not automated at AT&T then.

    A) How would you integrate this part of the accounting cycle into AT&T, wide accounting information system, identified some of the internal controls associated with the portion of the accounting cycle.

    B) Describe why these controls are important.

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    Requirement A:

    A step of the accounting cycle of AT&T that is currently not automated is the comparison of the purchase order, receiving report and supplier's invoice which triggers the recording of the appropriate liability of company as regards the purchase.

    One way to integrate this part into the company-wide accounting information system is create a standard forms for the purchase order, receiving report and supplier's invoice in the system which have to be encoded by the appropriate employee. This means that the invoice will have to be re-encoded in the system. Automating this accounting step could significantly reduce the ...

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