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Cutting Costs for an Uptown Clinic

Dr. Stephanie White, the Chief Administrator of Uptown Clinic, a community mental health agency, is concerned about the dilemma of coping with reduced budgets next year and into the foreseeable future, but increasing demand for services. In order to plan for reduce budgets, she must first identify where costs can be cut or reduced and still keep the agency functioning. Below are some data from the past year.

Program Area Costs

* Administrator $60,000
* Assistant $35,000
* Two Secretaries $42,000

Supplies $35,000
Advertising and promotion $9,000
Professional meetings/dues $14,000

Purchased Services:

* Accounting and billing $15,000
* Custodial $13,000
* Security $12,000
* Consulting $10,000

Community Mental Health Services

Salaries ( two social workers) $46,000
Transportation $10,000

Outpatients mental health treatment
*Psychiatrist $86,000
*Two Social Workers $70,000


1. Give a dollar range of costs to reduce budgets ( worst and best case analysis).

2. You need to cut $94,000 in cost. Prioritize those cuts that can be made without impacting the operation or quality care of the organization.

3. How would you advise Dr. White to prepare for reduced budgets?

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1. Give a dollar range of costs to reduce budgets (worst and best case analysis).

In the worst case situation, it means that the budgets have been cut to the extent that Dr. White could keep only the necessary and most critical services as follows: -

*Administrator $60,000
*Assistant 0
*One Secretary $21,000
Supplies $17,500
Advertising and promotion 0
Professional meetings/dues 0

Purchased Services:
*Accounting and billing $15,000
*Custodial $13,000
*Security $12,000
*Consulting 0

Community Mental Health Services:
Salary (one social worker) $23,000
Transportation $10,000

Outpatient mental health treatment
*Psychiatrist $86,000
*One Social Worker $35,000
Total $282,500

In the best case analysis, we expect that there would be only some costs of the services, which will not affect the qualities of the services provided by the clinic to the community will be cut as follows: -

Salaries: ...

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