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    Computing Short Term and Long Term Gains

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    Need help computing short-term and long-term gains.

    On January 15, Ms. Sack contributed $20,000 cash and investment property (FMV $20,000 and $2,000 basis) to Dylan LLC in exchange for a 10 percent interest. She had acquired the investment property in 1991. On December 3, she sold the interest for $55,500. On the date of sale, Dylan had no hot assets, so Ms. Sack's entire $33,500 gain was capital gain. How much of the gain is short term and how much is long term?

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    Short-term gains and losses result when assets are held for one year or less.
    Long-term gains and losses result when assets are held for more than one year.
    However, the present year is not available ...

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    The solution assists with computing short term and long term gains in the given scenario question.