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    Tax Treatment of Distributions

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    MikeCO made the following distributions during the year:
    *5/1/x1 $60,000
    *9/1/x1 40,000

    Determined the tax treatment of each distribution under each of the following independent circumstances:

    Accum E&P Curr E&P
    a)$10,000 $50,000
    b)(70,000) 50,000
    c) 95,000 (18,250)

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    Circumstance A
    *5/1/x1 $60,000 - tax as dividends
    *9/1/x1 40,000 - return of capital, hence non taxable. However, if it has a capital gains component then it will be taxed depending on whether the capital gains are short or long ...

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    This solution provides calculations and and justifications on the tax treatment of each distribution circumstance.