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    Computer based control system/accounting system

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    Leslie Thomas case,
    Grab and Run;
    Fincus Eyeshade:
    Blue Mountain Utility<
    Local Mill:

    Computer program for control, credit manager and his role, handling of accounts receivable, system improvement to avoid frauds, Control system of accounts payable.

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    1. Leslie Thomas case: the computer should be programmed that it should not pay more than 60 hours salary to anybody. If it were required to pay more, then a special function would have to be used to make a larger payment. Any payment larger than 60 hours should normally give an error message.

    2. Grab and Run: The credit manager should convey his ban electronically and by way of a written memo to the dispatch clerk, the sales manager and the transport section. This should be the standard practice for the credit manager. Any dispatch would require the ...

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