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Calculating the overhead and determining the cost of products

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3-33. The following information relates to the Richard Renick Company for 2005:
Units Percent Complete
Units completed in 2005 390,000
Work-in-process at December 31 72,000 20%
Cost information:
Cost of the beginning work-in-process $14,280
Current year's production cost $248,580

a. Calculate the number of equivalent units of production.
b. Calculate the cost per equivalent unit of production.
c. Calculate the cost of the ending work-in-process inventory.
d. Calculate the cost of the completed units.

3-13, pg M-85
Willig-Davis Cleaning Equipment began two jobs during March 2004. There was no beginning Inventory. The following information is available:

Job 10 Job 15
Direct material $14,350 $23,530
Direct labor $7,231 $15,125
Machine hours 124 236

The company estimated manufacturing overhead for 2004 is $307,200, and the company estimates that 4,800 machine hours will be used during the year. Willig-Davis applies overhead to production based on machine hours.

a. Calculate the cost of Job 10.
b. Calculate the cost of Job 15.

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