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Boeing's 10k filing and standard industrial code (SIC) code

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Please locate The Boeing Company on the SEC's web site at http://www.sec.gov. Then use the EDGAR database on the SEC web site to view Boeing's 10k filing. Also, search for Boeing's standard inustrial classification (SIC) code.

How do you retrieve the different financial statements in the 10k filing?

What is the importance of the footnotes in the financial statements?

Are there any emerging issues that are evident on the SEC web site.

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Hi There,
<br>I would send you a copy of the full 10-K Annual Report, but the file size is over 1 Megabyte.
<br>The SIC code for Boeing is 3721. This can be found at the top of the 10-K filing.
<br>How do you retrieve the different financial statements in the 10-K? Well, if you go to the EDGAR website, www.sec.gov, and search for Boeing, a number of documents will come up. Keep searching until you find the 10-K. Then click on 10-K (it appears on the left hand side of the page) and Boeing's annual report will open up. Now, scroll down the screen until you see the following: Document 1 - file: boeing10k_123102.htm. Click on this title and the contents of the report will appear. Now, once you are in this page, scroll down until you see the consolidated statements of financial position and consolidated statement of operations (this is their balance sheet and income statement - pages 43 and 44).
<br>What is the importance of the footnotes in the financial statements? Well, they are pretty much the meat of the statements. They provide the explanation for everything that you see in their balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flows. If you saw a number on the balance sheet and wanted more clarification, you would go to the Notes to find out more details.
<br>For more info on the notes to the F/S, check this out:
<br>What are the Footnotes?
<br>Pick up a ...

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