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Bauer Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Bauer Manufacturing Company, Inc. uses departmental cost driver rates to allocate manufacturing overhead costs to products. Manufacturing overhead costs are allocated on the basis of machine hours in the Machining Department and on the basis of direct labor-hours in the Assembly Department. At the beginning of 2008, the following estimates were provided for the coming year:
Machining Assembly
Direct Labor Hours 30,000 60,000
Machine Hours 80,000 20,000
Direct Labor Cost $500,000 $900,000
Manufacturing Ohd Costs $420,000 $240,000
The accounting records of the company shows the following data for Job No. 316.
Machining Assembly
Direct Labor Hours 120 70
Machine Hours 60 5
Direct Labor Cost $100 $400
Direct Materials Costs $300 $200
For Bauer Manufacturing Company, Inc. what is the annual manufacturing overhead allocation rate for the Machining Department and Assembly Department, respectively?

What amount of manufacturing overhead costs will be allocated to Job No. 316?
a $439
b $502
c $595
d $532

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