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    Basket Purchase

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    R. Corporation purchased for $855,000 a tract of land on which was located a warehouse and office building. The following data were collected concerning the property:
    Current Assessed Valuation Vendor's Original Cost
    Land $300,000 $280,000
    Warehouse 200,000 180,000
    Office building 400,000 340,000
    Total $900,000 Total $800,000

    What are the appropriate amounts that Renner should record for the land, warehouse, and office building, respectively?

    a. Land, $280,000; warehouse, $180,000; office building, $340,000.
    b. Land, $300,000; warehouse, $200,000; office building, $400,000.
    c. Land, $299,250; warehouse, $192,375; office building, $363,375.
    d. Land, $285,000; warehouse, $190,000; office building, $380,000

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