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Applying control issues to organizations

Illustration 8.1 states the six principles of control (below). How do you think these principles of controls apply any organization.

Ø Establishment of responsibility

Ø Segregation of duties

Ø Documentation procedures

Ø Physical, mechanical, and electronic controls

Ø Independent internal verification

Ø Other Controls (Bonding employees, job duties rotation and required vacations)

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Establishment of responsibility - The establishment of responsibility give members of an organization a clear picture of what they are to accomplish in their job and the company in its goals. Understanding just what each is responsible for gives the person a goal making bottom line and a starting point to establish needs when a problem arises. The organization can also create evaluation methods based on the responsibilities.

Ø Segregation of duties - Segregation of duties allows people in the organization to focus on their particular responsibilities and actualize the solutions of problems based on what they are responsible for and what they have little or no control over.

Ø Documentation procedures - makes the ...

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A discussion on how different types of controls are important to organizations. Controls such as responsibilities, documentation, independent internal verification are included.