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    Accounting treatment for deferred tax

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    Polytechnic Corporation reported taxable income of $2,340,000 for the year ended December 31, 2011. The controller is unfamiliar with the required
    treatment of temporary and permanent differences in reconciling taxable income to pretax financial income and has contacted your firm for advice. You
    are given company records that list the following differences:

    Tax depreciation in excess of book depreciation $310,000.00
    Proceeds from life insurance policy upon death of officer $145,000.00
    Interest revenue on municipal bonds $107,000.00

    1. Compute pretax financial income.
    2. Given an income tax reate of 35% prepare the journal entry or entries to record income taxes for the year.
    3. Prepare a partial income statement beginning with income from continuring operations before income taxes.

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