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    Trial Balance and Income Statements

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    John Smith starts a sole proprietorship, Johnny's Store, on December 1, 2008. He plans to reinvest all profits in the business for the first several years.

    I. Using Excel, record the following transactions in debit/credit form.

    1. Smith opens a bank account in the name of Johnny's Store with his personal check for
    2. The company borrows $10,000 from bank on a 3-year note
    3. The company prepays rent, $1,800 for 3 months
    4. The company buys equipment for cash, $4,800
    5. The company buys supplies on account, $800
    6. The company buys merchandise on account, $3,500
    7. The company sells merchandise, cost $900, for $1,450 cash
    8. The company sells merchandise, cost $1,250, for $2,200 on account
    9. The company pays for the supplies purchased in #5 above
    10. The company receives electric bill for December, not due until January, $160

    II. John wishes to have his fiscal year end on December 31st. Record the following adjusting entries in debit/credit form.

    1. Accrued interest on the note (interest rate is 6% annually)
    2. Depreciation on equipment (life, 10 years)
    3. Expiration of one month rent
    4. $75 worth of supplies were used during the month

    III. Prepare a trial balance, using formulas in the cells linking to the above transactions.

    IV. Prepare an income statement and balance sheet, linking cells to trial balance. Formulas must be present in excel to perform the mathematical functions.

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