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    ABC Foral Shop

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    The ABC Floral Shop sold the following number of geraniums during the last 2 weeks:

    Day Demand Day Demand

    1 200 8 150

    2 134 9 182

    3 157 10 197

    4 165 11 136

    5 177 12 163

    6 125 13 157

    7 146 14 169

    Develop a spreadsheet to answer the following questions.

    Calculate a forecast of the above demand using a 3- and 5-period moving average.
    Graph these forecasts and the original data using Excel. What does the graph show?
    Which of the above forecasts is best? Why?

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    The MA and graphs are in the attached excel file. We discuss the 3rd question here.

    Which of the above forecast is better? Well, it depends on what kind of information we are trying to get out of them.

    Notice that the second one (5 day) is much more smooth than the first one, and this is true ...

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    ABC Foral Shop: Forecast demand using 3 and 5 year moving averages; graph