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Badden Company

2. Badden Company needs a cash budget for the month of April, 2006. The company's controller has provided you with the following information and assumptions:
a. The April 1, 2006 cash balance is expected to be $11,000.
b. All sales are on account. Credit sales are collected over a three-month period--50 percent in the month of sale, 35 percent in the month following sale, and 15 percent in the second month following sale. Actual sales for February and March were $100,000 and $90,000, respectively. April's sales are budgeted at $110,000.
c. Marketable securities are expected to be sold for $25,000 during the month of April.
d. The controller estimates that direct materials totaling $44,000 will be purchased during April. Sixty percent of a month's raw materials purchases are paid in the month of purchase with the remaining 40 percent paid in the following month. Accounts payable for March purchases total $9,000, which will be paid in April.

e. During April, direct labor costs are estimated to be $19,000.
f. Manufacturing overhead is estimated to be 40 percent of direct labor costs, Further, the controller estimates that approximately 10 percent of the manufacturing overhead is depreciation on the factory building and equipment.
g. Selling and administrative expenses are budgeted at $22,000 for April. Of this amount, $7,000 is for depreciation.
h. During April, Badden Company plans to buy a new delivery van costing $25,000. The company will pay cash for the van.
i. Badden Company owes $35,000 in income tax, which must be paid in April.
j. Badden Company must maintain a minimum cash balance of $10,000. To bolster the cash position as needed, an open line of credit is available from the bank.

Prepare the following: A cash budget for the month of April.

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