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    Current Liabilities and Inclusion of Estimates

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    Name a company and what types of current liabilities might exist at the company?

    Describe at least three, and state if they are estimated liabilities or determinable liabilities.

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    From Yahoo Finance, I viewed the latest Form 8-K filed October 18 for Google. The current liabilities section of the condensed balance sheet shows five categories or line items:

    Accounts payable
    Accrued compensation and benefits
    Accrued expenses and other current liabilities
    Accrued revenue share
    Deferred revenue

    Accounts payable would normally be all determinable liabilities, but there certainly could ...

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    The solution uses Google for an example and lists the actual current liabilities posted in a recent 8-K filed with the SEC. There is an explanation of each category of liabilities and those which might include estimated amounts.