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Relationship among DNA, a gene and chromosone

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What is the relationship among DNA, a gene, and a chromosome?
A) A chromosome contains hundreds of genes which are composed of DNA.
B) A gene contains hundreds of chromosomes which are composed of protein.
C) A chromosome contains hundreds of genes which are composed of protein.
D) A gene contains hundreds of chromosomes which are composed of DNA.
E) A gene is composed of DNA, but there is no relationship to a chromosome

The sequence of nitrogen-containing bases on one strand of DNA most directly determines the sequence of
A) fatty acids in a fat molecule.
B) sugars in a polysaccharide molecule.
C) amino acids in a protein molecule.
D) All of the above are correct.

During which stage of mitosis do sister chromatids move away from each other?
A) metaphase
B) prophase
C) telophase
D) anaphase
E) They do not move away from each other at all.

The basic subunits of DNA are the __________.

Of these molecules, which has deoxyribose sugar? RNA polymerase, transfer RNA, messenger RNA, DNA, or ribosomal RNA?

Consider the following information.

In fruit flies, dominant gene "R" produces red eyes and recessive gene "r" produces white eyes. Also, the R and r alleles are sex-linked (they are part of the X chromosome but not the Y chromosome or the autosomes). Pick the correct mating described by the following questions.
A. Rr x R- mating
B. RR x r- mating
C. rr x R- mating
D. Rr x r- mating
E. rr x r- mating

All the female offspring will have red eyes, but half the male offspring will have red eyes and half will have white eyes

DNA polymerase and other repair enzymes __________ the newly synthesized DNA strand during and after the replication process.

In females an entire X chromosome is inactivated in each cell. The inactivated X chromosome ensures __________.

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The following solution is a set of questions (five of them) and the corresponding answers. The questions have to do with basic DNA questions as well as some elementary genetics questions.

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Question 1.
A. You have 23 pairs of chromosomes. Within those chromosomes are the various genes that encode for all the necessary proteins for your body. Those genes are made up of DNA.

Question 2.
C. The nitrogen containing bases (ATP, GTP, CTP, TTP) are nucleoitdes which code for an ...

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