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    Medical Use for tritium

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    Please help finding information about a medical uses for tritium as a tracer. How is tritium used in tritium labeling? How does it work? What are the benefits and limitation tritium in this procedure?
    What the future holds for further use of tritium in the body?

    I have tried to research the topic but I'm having a hard time finding information for a specific medical use.I need several websites that list detail information on the subject.

    How is tritium used as a radiotracer for HIV or blood pressure?

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    Here are some websites that may help you. I have chosen ones that are from government or academic sources because they are generally the most reliable.

    http://www.lbl.gov/LBL-Programs/tritium/tritium-overview.html (general info)
    www.nih.gov (do keyword search for tritium to get a list of links)
    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez (again, use keyword searches like tritium and HIV or blood pressure to get dozens of scientific abstracts)

    Also, check your school library website and see if they have links to research databases. Science Direct is a good one that will give you lots of detailed papers with just a simple keyword search.

    I am sorry that the sites that I provided did ...

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