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    antimalarial drugs

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    Antimalarial drugs Artemisin and chloroquine target the same cellular feature in malarial parasite. What is the nature of this cellular feature, describe the role of this part of the cell in the normal life cycle of the parasite.
    What is the mechanism of action of Arteminsin and choloquine?

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    Both drugs target digestion of hemoglobin by the malaria parasite. An organelle called the food vacuole breaks down hemoglobin from the red blood cell that is infected by the parasite, to generate amino acids. These amino acids are then used as the raw materials for the parasite to build it's own proteins. During the breakdown of hemoglobin, free heme ...

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    This solution describes action of artemisin and cholorquine, two important anti-malarial drugs. It describes the part of the malaria parasite that is targeted by each drug, it's role in the normal biology of the parasite. It also provides references to other resources for more information on this topic. The explanation is given in 210 words with two references.