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Loss of Bladder Control

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Can someone help me with some additional information about Loss of Bladder Control? I need additional information about the kinds of bladder control problems, the cause of bladder control, other problems that can cause bladder control and treatments for it. Please help. I have written as much as I can.

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The additional information about Los of Bladder Control is examined. The kinds of bladder control issues are provided.

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Bladder control primarily involves the proper function of two sphincter muscles: the internal and external urethral muscles, the former of which is smooth muscle and thus involuntarily contracted the latter being skeletal and thus can be controlled voluntarily.

In old age, what tends to happen is that both sphincters' control is lost, typically because of age-related degradation in neuronal regulation. In a normal individual, both sphincters are easily held closed when one doesn't wish to void, and even when there is pressure to void and the internal sphincter involuntarily ...

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