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Genotype of the Offspring

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Irene's daughter is type A and her grandson's is type B+. She does not know the type of either father. She wants to know the possible blood types of the fathers in order for her grandson to be a B+?

(a) B or O
(b) A, B, AB or O
(c) AB or B
(d) A or B
(e) A, B, or AB.

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This solution provides the correct answer from a choice of three possible answers and an explanation of the correct answer for the question, regarding Irene's daughter is type A and her grandson's is type B+.

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The answer is (c) AB or B. That is, the fathers' blood type could be either AB or B. The child in question has blood type B. The child must be genotype BO. The mother is the source of the O-allele and the biological father ...

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