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Brown and blue eyes genotypes

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Genetically speaking, brown eyes (B-) are dominant to blue eyes (bb). However, an
individual can wear colored contacts in order to change his or her eye phenotype.
Suppose a man with blue eyes (bb) marries a woman who appears to have blue eyes
and together they have five children. Listed below are three possible outcomes.
Given the outcomes below, what is the most likely genotype for the woman.
(a) Outcome 1: All five children have blue eyes.
(b) Outcome 2: Three children have blue eyes and two have brown eyes.
(c) Outcome 3: All five children have brown eyes.

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a) All five children having blue eyes means the woman is bb, homozygous for the blue eye allele. The cross of two homozygotes will ...

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When considering the concepts of homozygosity and heterozygosity, how can we make predictions based on what we know about the parents? In this solution, we consider a real-world example.