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    The explanation of the Nasca Lines purpose and symbolism

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    The latest multidisciplinary research of the purpose, history and symbolism of the Peruvian Nasca Lines.

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    The Nasca (or Nazca) lines were observed for the first time in 1930s by the Peruvian pilots. However, the visit of Paul Kosok in 1941 brought the lines to the attention of the world. Maria Reiche, a German mathematics teacher from Lima, began to catalog the position of the lines. As a result the idea that the lines were related with the astronomical phenomena was commonly accepted (Aveni and Silverman 1991: 36-38). The popularity of the lines and lack of research regarding their creators became a source of many sensational, not scientifically based, explanations, for example, Swiss writer Erich von Däniken (1968) claims that the lines were built as airfields for extraterrestrial spaceships. One of early theories connected the lines with water and some ...

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    This solution is comprised of an explanation of the symbolism and purpose of the Peruvian Nasca Lines. Supplemented with suggested readings and more than 350 words of text, this explanation provides students with the latest interpretation of the Nasca Lines.