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Impact of human population growth

Based on what you know about evolution by natural selection in general and human evolution in particular, how do you think the world's relatively recently large human population will affect the evolution of our species?

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If based on natural selection the number of people now available for creating future generations is large and very diversified. This is not to say that everyone of those people will work together to create an even more diversified future human, but the possibility exists. With this diversity comes a mixture of traits and abilities not previously seen. More differences in the ability to fight illness, live longer lives, and with more refined mental capabilities.

This view of the possible future for humans based on the explosion of humans in the last decades is somewhat positive. Along with the stronger, better humans, there comes a greater chance for more virulent disease and the need for more ways to treat illness. As we currently see with the H1N1 flu spreading across the flu, humans are in contact with broader populations and some of those populations have less tolerance. There will be many such populations as the human population grows. The growth is forcing more and more people into smaller and smaller areas, which breeds rapid ...

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