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    Comparing Two Groups

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    See the attached Commissions.xlsx data file. In the file is a global sample of 200ish Shoe Sales Associates whose 3 most recent annual sales commissions are recorded.

    1) Calculate the mean commissions for the past 3 years. Which year was the highest and lowest?
    2) Graph those annual means with a pivot chart.
    3) Figure out which year(s) sales persons' made more money by comparing the difference between 2012 to 2013, 2013-2014, and 2012-2014. Since each row belongs to a specific sales person, you need to do a specific analysis - what is it?

    What does the statistical significance value tell about those annual differences?

    Thinking creatively, what do you think can account for those annual differences?

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    This solution provides step by step calculations and explanations in an Excel file on performing data analysis, by finding the mean and building a pivot chart. Finally, an ANOVA test is performed where the sum, average and variance are calculated to produce the F statistic, which is then compared to the p-value.