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9 Statistics questions: test statistic, p-value, type I and

1. Find the critical z values. In each case, assume that the normal distribution applies
Left-tailed test, α =0.05

2. Α = 0.005; H1 is p ≠ 0.20

3. Use the given information to find the P-value

The test statistic in a two-tailed test is z= -1.63

4. With H1:p<0.32, the test statistic is z=-1.90

5. State the final conclusion in simple nontechnical terms. Be sure to address the original claim
Original Claim: The proportion of M & Ms that are blue is equal to 0.10. Initial conclusion: Reject the null hypothesis

6. Identify the type 1 error and type II error that correspond to the given hypothesis
The proportion of college graduates who smoke is less than 0.27

7. Use the given information to find a range of numbers for the P-value.
Left-tailed test with n=12 and test statistic t=-0.855

8. Assume that a simple random sample has been selected from a normally distributed population. Find the test statistic, P-value, critical value(s), and state the final conclusion.

Claim: The mean starting salary for college graduates who have taken a statistics course is equal to $46,000. Sample data n=27, x=$45,678, s=$9900. The significance level is &#945; = 0.05

9. Find the value of the test statistic z using z=p-p/&#8730;pq/n
The claim is that the proportion of drivers stopped by police in a year is different from the 10.3% rate reported by the Department of Justice. Sample statistics include n=800 randomly selected drivers with 12% of them stopped in the past year.

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