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Christian Pie Chart

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Review the Christian year pie chart and write a summary in which you (a) describe the significance of the holy days on the chart. and (b) identify any special rituals, symbols, or activities associated with the holy days.

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There are several versions of the pie chart out there. Most of them have several things in common.
The division of the year is normally like this (this is basically the medieval view. If you're protestant, much of this is not all that important, but the basic structure still stands. If you're Catholic, many of the fasts have been abolished, but either way, the basics remain):

1. Advent: the beginning of the liturgical year. In the middle ages, a time of fasting leading up to the nativity. Within this period were celebrated the feasts of St. Nicholas and Ambrose, as well as the Conception of Mary. Liturgically, it is a very busy time, but not as austere as the Easter Lent.

2. Christmas: from the nativity to the Epiphany. Fasting is over, while the Christmas celebration traditionally went for 12 days until the Epiphany. This period included the feast of the Holy Innocents (the children killed by Herod), as well as the Apostle John, the ...

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