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Example of statistical analysis

"The company investigating the golf balls is not satisfied with the limited analysis that it has done. The managers have collected a good deal of data, but they are not sure how to look at them and interpret the output. They decide to hire you to help them understand what the golf balls are doing and how they compare to each other. In addition to measures of the balls' performance, such as the variable Carry, the managers know that other factors, both internal (ball-related) and external (environment-related), could affect performance. They tested 36 of each type of ball at three different times using a machine to launch the balls. Data were recorded on 14 different variables.

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(a) For each model number, calculate the mean, median, mode, range, and standard deviation of the variable, TotDist.
TotDist M1 M2
Mean 266.67 270.08
MedianModeRangeStandard Deviation 267.50267143.80 269.5026962.11

(b) Describe the distribution of TotDist for each ball. How does TotDist compare with Carry? Which measure do you think is better from a ...