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Sample size calculation.

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A coin-operated coffee machine made by BIG Corporation was designed to discharge a mean of eight ounces of coffee per cup. If it dispenses more that that on average, the corporation may lose money, and if it dispenses less, the customers may complain.

BIG Corporation would like to estimate the mean amount of coffee dispensed per cup by this machine. BIG will choose a random sample of cup amounts dispensed by this machine and use this sample to estimate the population mean. Assuming that the standard deviation of cup amounts dispensed by this machine is 0.43 ounces, what is the minimum sample size needed in order for BIG to be 90% confident that its estimate is within 0.08 ounces of the population mean.

Carry your intermediate computations to at least three decimal places. Write your answer as a whole number (and make sure that it is the minimum whole number that satisfies the requirements).

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This solution shows how to find the sample size you need when using a sample mean to estimate a population mean.

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The sample size can be determined by setting B, the maximum distance the ...

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