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Calculation of t test and r-square in multiple regression

A regression model relating the yearly income (y), age (x1), and the gender of the faculty member of a university (x2 = 1 if female and 0 if male) resulted in the following information.
y=5000+ 1.2x1 + 0.9x2
n=20 SSE=500 SSR= 1500
Sb1=.2 Sb2=.1
How do I calculate the t test stat foe x2?
How do I determine the multiple coefficient of determination?

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How do I calculate the t test stat foe x2?
Test stat for x2 can be calculated as
t=coefficient of ...

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This solution is comprised of a detailed explanation of calculation of t test for regression coefficient and calculation of multiple coefficient of determination. This solution mainly discussed the calculation with full explanation and formulas.