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An insurance company is trying to estimate the average number of sick days that full-time food-service workers use per year. They would like to develop a model to predict the number of sick days based on whether any children between the ages of 4 and 12 years old reside at home with them. The analysis produced the following output:

Coefficients Standard Error t Statistic p-value
Intercept 3.996 1.161268 3.441065 0.004885
Slope 0.358 0.102397 3.496205 0.004413

Source Df SS MS F Se = 0.898
Regression 1 9.858769 9.858769 12.22345 R2 = 0.526341
Residual 11 8.872 0.806545
Total 12 18.73077

What are the dependent and independent variables?


What is the regression equation (i.e., the estimated model)?

Provide an interpretation of the coefficients (intercept and slope).

What is the value of the coefficient of determination? Provide an interpretation.

At alpha=0.05, can you conclude that the independent variable significantly predicts the dependent variable?

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