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    Scatter Diagram and Regression

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    X: 1 3 10 16 26 36
    y: 42 50 75 100 150 200
    {ex=92, Ex=617, Ex^2=2338, Ey^2=82,389, EXY=13,642, and r=0.860}

    a) Draw scattered diagram and verify ey, ex^2, ey, ey^2, exy and the sample coefficient r

    b) Find sample means for x, y, and find a, and b and the equation of least squares line y=a+bx. Then graph line using x, y points

    c) Find r^2, what percentage of variation of y can be explained by corresponding variation in x and the least square line? What percentage is unexplained? What does the least square line predict for a healthy weight (want to buy 12 week old calves)?

    I need help with b and c I do know that for b x=Ex/n and b=nExy-(EX)(EY)/nEx^2-(ex)^2
    So x=92/6=15.33 and y=28/6=4.66

    How do I find and how do I find what percentage is unexplained?

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