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Regression Equation Problems

In a regression analysis involving 27 observations, the following estimated regression equation was developed.
y = 25.2 + 5.5x1
For this estimated regression equation SST = 1550 and SSE = 520

a. At a = .05, test whether x1 is significant.
Suppose that variables x2 and x3 are added to the model and the following regression equation is obtained.
y = 16.3 + 2.3x1 + 12.1x2 - 5.8x3
For this estimated regression equation SST = 1550 and SSE = 100.

b. Use an F test and a .05 level of significance to determine whether x2 and x3 contribute significantly to the model.

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Effective Training
Explain the behavioral and cognitive approaches to learning. Which is most relevant to training? Explain your answer.

Tutor's Response:
The Behavioral Approach in Training
As the term implies, the "Behavioral" approach to training focuses on teaching learners how to do something. It focuses on observing behavior changes and contrast pre-training behavior with post-training behavior.
As an example, the behavioral approach to training will be used in the following situations:
• Teaching long-division
• Teaching medical technicians to draw blood from a patient
• Teaching someone to drive a 16-wheeler truck
• Teaching hotel workers to fold napkins, make beds
• Teaching a new employee to use the copier
• Teaching a new mechanic to fix an engine
• Teaching someone to speak a new language
In ...

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