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Multiple Regression Analysis for Marijuana and Attendance

Problem 1
A regression of attitude toward legalizing marijuana on age (X1) and education (X2) produced the following estimated coefficients and standard errors for a sample of 265 persons:
b1 = -6.24 Sb1 = .346
b2 = +0.33 Sb2 = 0.12

Test one-tailed alternatives to the null hypotheses that ß2 > 0; use a = .01.
Problem 2
Write a substantive interpretation of the following unstandardized regression equation based on a sample of 743 city residents, where Y is a 10-point scale measuring the number of professional sporting events attended per year. X1 is education, X2 is annual income (divided by $10,000), and X3 is a dummy variable for gender (1=female, 0 = male). The t ratios appear in parentheses.
Ŷ = -8.73 - 0.59X1 + 1.46X2 - 5.40X3
(-3.76) (-1.42) (2.14) (-2.87)


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