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Multiple regression analysis for lumber prices data

Read the short article below concerning lumber prices (attachment). How would like I compute the multiple regression formula using the interest rates, lumber prices, and number of housing starts provided below. Once you have computed your multiple regression formula answer the following questions.

What is the regression formula that you computed?

What would the approximate number of housing starts be at the following interest rates and lumber prices:

9.0% at $1.00 per board foot

8.5% at $1.50 per board foot

5.5% at $1.25 per board foot

4.5% at $0.90 per board foot

3.7% at $1.00 per board foot

2.3% at $0.75 per board foot.

NOTE: Use Excel to assist you with the calculations. Input the above data in an Excel spreadsheet and input your multiple regression formula using the data cells as the variables. Excel can then automatically compute the results.

If you were the owner of a business in the housing construction sector how would this information affect your decisions?

Housing Starts in Relation to Interest Rates and Lumber Prices

Interest Rate Price Per Board Foot Housing Starts

11% $1.25 8,500

11% $1.00 9,000

11% $0.90 9,200

11% $0.75 9,500

10% $1.25 9,700

10% $1.00 10,000

10% $0.90 10,300

9% $1.25 22,000

9% $1.00 24,000

8% $1.25 39,000

8% $0.90 45,000

8% $0.75 52,000


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