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Interpreting the stepwise regression output

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13.30 A researcher used stepwise regression to create regression models to predict birth rate (births per 1000) using five predictors, life exp (life expectancy in yeras), inform (infant mortality rate), density (population density per square kilometer), GDP cap (Gross domestic product per capita), and literate (literacy percent). Interpret these results.


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The first variable to enter the regression equation is InfMort and has a p value of 0.0000. Hence, it is the most important predictor of BirthRate. The regression with just one variable has R-square of 0.724, which means that just one independent variable InfMort is able to explain 72.4% variance in BirthRate, which is quite good.

As we move on to next step, the next variable to enter the regression model is Literate. It also has a p value of 0.0000. The R-square for model with two variables is 0.805, which means that two independent variable InfMort and ...

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Interpret the stepwise regression output.