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Correlation and Regression applied to a dataset in Excel

Please take the data I provide and do the computations and graphing for me, then explain the results to me so that I can write a paper and give a presentation on it.

Here is my assignment:

Prepare a 1,000 - 1,500 word paper applying Regression and Correlation to a personal or business application the student is familiar with. The paper requires the original collection of interval or ratio level data that appears to be correlated. Utilizing the Regression function and graphing function in Excel, the student is required to compute the mean, median and mode for both sets of data, and the calculation and interpretation of the coefficient of correlation, coefficient of determination. In addition, the student must use the graphing function to graph the data and compute the regression equation. Once all of these numbers are calculated, the student must interpret the meaning of all the numbers.

Let me repeat- I can write the paper, but I need all of the pre-work done, with an explanation on the numbers/results...

I am attaching info on alcohol related car crashes...There are two sets of data, both do not have to be used; I added the gender-releated information in case we needed more data. Thanks!


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Correlation and Regression applied to a dataset of alcohol-related crash history implemented in Excel with explanation.