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Probability using Binomial distribution for Cell phone owners

Probability- in Late 2007, it was reported that 79 percent of US adults owned a cell phone. Suppose that by the end of 2010, that percentage was 85 percent. If a sample of 10 adults is selected
What is the probability that
a.) 8 owned a cell phone
b.) At least 8 own a cell phone
c.) All 10 own a cell phone
D)If you selected the sample in a particular geographical area
and found that none of the 10 respondents owned a cell
phone, what conclusion might you reach about whether the
percentage of cell phone owners in this area was 85%?

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This solution is comprised of a detailed explanation of finding probability using binomial distribution. This solution mainly discussed the four parts in which we have to calculate the probability using binomial distribution. The solution provides the answer to all 4 parts.