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Standard Deviation of doctors' ages

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The following data show the age distribution of the top 14 doctors in the emergency faculty of a local hospital.

Age Frequency

35-39 2
40-44 2
45-49 1
50-54 3
55-59 4
60-64 2

Using the computational formula, calculate the Standard Deviation of doctors' ages

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Help with figuring the Standard Deviation of doctors' ages is given.

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This question uses a frequency distribution to describe the age scores. This gives 2 scores in the first age range, 2 scores in the second age range and so on.

By convention the upper and lower boundaries of the first interval are 34.5 and 39.5. The upper and lower boundaries of the next interval are 39.5 and 44.5, and so on. These are exact numbers that define the range that includes the whole numbers given as the bottom and top of each range (Howell, ...

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