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    Statistics - Study of Mean and Standard Deviation

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    At the start of the study the mean of the group was 24 and the end of the study the mean of the group was 30. The standard deviation of the difference scores was 12.0 and we had 16 subjects.

    a) Was there a significant change in the patients condition over the course of the study?

    b) Suppose we repeated the study and got exactly the same t statistic even though this time we used 101 subjects. was there a significant change over the coarse of the study?

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    a) We see that d = 30 - 24 = 6

    Standard error, SE = s/sqrt n = 12/sqrt 16 = 3

    t = d/SE = 6/3 = 2

    For 16 - 1 = 15 degrees of ...

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