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    Mazy's Department Store:Linear Programming

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    Mazy's Department Store has decided to stay open for business on a 24 hour basis. The store manager has divided the 24 hour day into six 4- hour periods and has determined the following minimum personnel requirements for each period.

    Time Personnel Needed

    Midnight- 4:00 am 90
    4:00- 8:00 am 215
    8:00am- Noon 250
    Noon- 4:00 pm 65
    4:00-8:00 pm 300
    8:00pm- Midnight 125

    Store personnel must report to work at the beginning of one of the above time periods and must work for eight consecutive hours. The store manager wants to know the minimum number of employees to assign to each four hour segment to minimize the total number of employees. Formulate and solve this problem.

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