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Comparison of banks with basic statistics

* Calculate the mean, median, range, variance, and standard deviation for revenues, profits, and employees.
* Convert the data for each variable to a z-value, and compare BankTen to the average bank for each variable.
* Identify the variable that had the greatest relative variation among the banks in the study.
* Create a new variable: Profits per employee. Create a frequency distribution and histogram for this variable, and calculate the mean, median, and standard deviation. Describe how BankTen compares with other banks in terms of profits per employee.
* Identify how many banks have a profit per employee more than two standard deviations beyond the mean.
* Identify the 25th and 75th percentile for profits per employee, as well as the percentile score of BankTen.


Solution Summary

This posting provides comparion of BankTen bank with other banks using elementary statistics like mean, median, range, standard deviation, percentile score etc. of several financial measure like profit per employee etc.