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    Calculating the Average Availability of a System

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    Question: A system has a constant failure rate lambda = 0.0002 failures/hour. When an item fails, it is repaired to be as good as new condition. The associated mean downtime is 6 hours. The system is supposed to be in continuous operation.

    a) Find the Aav average availability of the system.
    b) How many hours per year will the system be out of operation?

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    a) Find the Aav average availability of the system.

    Mean time between failures, MTBF= (1/lambda)=1/0.0002=5000 hours
    Mean Time to Repair, MTTR=6 hours ...

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    In about 70 words, this solution describes the steps to calculating the average availability of a system using the appropriate equation. This response also illustrates how to calculate average unavailability. All values are computed.