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Statistics of Weekly Overtime Hours

The weekly overtime hours worked by all the employees at the Publix Market are: 1, 4, 6, 12, 5, and 2.
a. Is this a sample or a population?
b. What is the mean number of overtime hours worked?
c. What is the median? Interpret.
d. What is the mode?
e. What is the mean deviation?
f. What is the standard deviation?
g. What is the coefficient of variation?

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a) This is a population as all the employees are covered.
b) Mean = sum of all data points / number of data points
c) Median is the (n+1)/2th data point. Since there are 6 data points the median is 3.5 th data point i.e. the ...

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This solution has step-by-step calculations to conduct a statistical analysis on the weekly overtime hours to determine mean, median, mode, mean deviation, standard deviation and coefficient of variance.