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Statistics - Probabilities

Approximately 14 percent of the population of Arizona is 65 years or older. A random sample of five persons from this population is taken. The probability that less than 2 of the 5 are 65 years or older is:

A bank lobby has four video cameras positioned to view the entire lobby. Any one of the four is sufficient to monitor the lobby. Each camera functions independently and has a reliability of 0.90, that is, the probability of functioning is 0.90. A bank robbery takes place. Let a success (x) be defined as a camera functioning. Find the probability that the robbery was filmed at least by one camera.

The listed occupations of stockholders of a regional electric utility company included 9 percent who were homemakers. If six of these stockholders are randomly selected, what is the probability that:No stockholders are homemakers?

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(1) p = 0.14, q = 1 - p = 0.86, n = 5, r = 2

P(r, n) = nCr p^r q^(n - r)

P(r < 2) = P(0) + P(1) = ...

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