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    Your company ships a lot of packages needing quick delivery and short notice. In the past, you have used Speedy Air Delivery Service, but you are beginning to receive complaints from customers who say they are not receiving their packages on time. Speedy advertises that it delivers packages anywhere in the U.S. in an average of two days. To check Speedyâ??s claim, you select a random sample of 25 packages and find that the average delivery time for those 25 packages was 2.3 days.

    Do you have sufficient evidence to accuse Speedy of false advertising? Explain why or why not. (For purposes of this discussion, we will assume that it is known that the standard deviation of package deliveries for Speedy is 0.5 days.)

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    The average time for delivering 25 packages is 2.3 days and the standard deviation is 0.5 days. This means the uncertainty in the ...

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    Here we solve a statistics word problem involving data with a given mean and standard deviation.