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    The Rules of Probability

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    A manager of a gasoline filling station is thinking about a promotion that she hopes will bring in more business to the full-service island. She is considering the option that when a customer requests a fill-up if the pump stops with the dollar amount at $9.99, the customer will get the gasoline-free. Previous studies show that 70% of customers pay $10.00 or more when they fill up their gas tanks, so they would not be eligible for the free gas. What is the probability that a customer will get free gas at this station if the promotion is implemented?

    The television schedule lists three different sitcoms in each of the three consecutive 30-minute time slots on channels, 2, 6, and 7
    a) What is the probability that a person will randomly select programs using all three stations over the course of the 1.5 hours
    b) Suppose you know that the person who will randomly select programs will watch at least two of the sitcoms on the same channel. Determine the probability that the person will watch all three sitcoms on the same channel

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