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    Relative Dispersion & Probability

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    Part A)
    What is the relative dispersion for each group?
    Explain the relative dispersion difference between the two?

    Mean StdDev
    Group 1 78 15
    Group 2 47 10

    Group 1 - Trashcan wt in rural area
    Group 2 - Trashcan wt in city

    NOTE: Both samples taken from large group.

    Part B)
    One of the trash cans contained the following items:

    Garbage 10 lbs
    Paper 5 lbs
    Plastic 3 lbs
    Boxes 6 lbs
    Misc. 10 lbs

    For any given sample if even distributed:
    a. The probability that the sample is boxes?
    b. The above estimate was based on which probability concept?

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    Statistics Fundamentals II - Chapter 6 ex. 5

    Part A)
    What is the relative dispersion for each group?

    The Dispersion is nothing but the spread of the random variable. Dispersion based on standard deviation is,
    For Group 1
    = = = 0.1923
    For Group 2
    = = = 0.2127

    Explain the relative dispersion difference ...

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